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About Us

We were born out of the vision of our co-founders, Jeevesh and Krishnee, who wanted to do something to raise awareness about the stigma, stereotypes and taboo associated with mental illness in Mauritius.


Jeevesh and Krishnee have made it their mission to champion the cause of mental health in Mauritius since the last couple of years. They have started the conversation about mental well being in Mauritius, through Mind Matters being the first convenor around the subject of mental health on the island.


Their aim is to urge the government to invest into mental health programmes; to create a safe place for people to seek help and support, and to make mental health a priority for Mauritians. 


That is why, we believe that we need an institution that provides a holistic response to the problem; a one stop centre for people suffering with mental illness, for leading research and innovation in the mental health sector, and for giving patients the chance to lead a normal life. 



CEO & Co-Founder

“Because mental health matters. To you, to me, to everyone.”

Jeevesh Augnoo headshot.jpeg


Co-Founder & Operations

“You are not alone. Let’s talk.”

nim lidman.jpeg


Board Member

"It's ok, NOT to be OK."

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