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Our Aim

The suicide rate for males is 16. per 100, 000 population and for females is 4.8 per 100, 000 population.


28·4 of every 1000 Mauritians have severe mental or substance abuse disorders, and severe psychiatric conditions have high prevalences—e.g., 2·6 of every 1000 people have schizophrenia and 7·9 of every 1000 have severe depressive disorders (WHO, 2016). 

In Mauritius, neuropsychiatric disorders are estimated to contribute to 14.8% of the global burden of disease (WHO, 2008). 2005 statistics indicate that the total number of patients seeking psychiatric help considerably increased over the period. It is interesting to note that the attendance at the main hospital is still high, despite decentralisation, probably because of the lack of inpatient facilities in the regional units. Many of the patients at the main centre suffer from serious mental illnesses. However, the number of new cases at the outstations are gradually increasing.  Attending the main psychiatric hospital is still a taboo. Often people do not come forward to seek help because of the stigma attached to mental illness. The rising number of cases in the outstations is the true indicator of psychiatric morbidity in the island (Naga, 2007). 

We aim to humanise and normalise mental health illnesses, and be a supporting crutch, a healing hand, and a listening ear to all those who suffer from mental health ailments, as well as provide support and guidance to their families. 

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